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Renewable energy

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are the future of energy production, since fossil fuel levels are constantly decreasing. Besides, Renewable Energy Systems are the most environmentally friendly energy sources that everyone can benefit from to provide electricity to a building and create an additional income at the same time.
With the weather conditions prevailing in countries like Greece, RES can cover a significant part of the energy requirements of a building. If they are also combined with the use of heat pumps for heating and cooling, they can lead to totally fuel-free buildings.
The most common and efficient Renewable Energy Systems for buildings or fields are Photovoltaics and Small Wind Turbines. Furthermore, in agricultural areas, it is also recommended to build Biogas Plants to benefit from animal waste or energy crops, in electric and thermal energy production.
Our company undertakes the design and construction of various types of renewable energy systems, ensuring the maximum efficiency and lifetime of the systems:

Photovoltaic Systems

Grid PV

grid connected pv

Off Grid PV

off grid pv

Wind Turbines

wind turbines

Biogas Plant

 biogas plant