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Having 30 years’ experience in construction and supervision of private and public works, we undertake the construction of any kind of project. By using high quality materials and taking advantage of our experience from previous projects, we create projects that stand for quality, economy and speed of construction.

Every project, large or small, is a challenge for us to satisfy both our customer’s needs and our core principles:
Safety, Quality, Elegance, Economy, Environmental Respect.

Therefore, every project is under the constant supervision of an experienced engineer. We also choose carefully the materials used in construction and make sure that all quality and application standards are met. The selection of the implementation teams is primarily based on the quality of their work and the correct application of materials according to the specifications. The final result in most cases exceeds the owner's expectations in quality and economy.

Specifically, we undertake:

  • Turn-key residential construction projects.
  • Commercial and office building construction projects.
  • Public works construction projects.
  • Steel structure projects.
  • Passive House construction.
  • Structural strengthening and rehabilitation.
  • Building Additions.
  • Residential - Commercial buildings renovation.
  • Insulation and Waterproofing works.
  • Demolition works.

An experienced contractor will relieve you from the stress of construction. We carry out all the hidden but important tasks (organizing workshops, materials ordering, measurements, insurance liabilities), which are the most common causes of delay during construction and we provide you with Turnkey delivery of a complete design, construction and equipment package, with excellent quality and significant savings.

“Trust an experienced constructor for your project and you will be completely satisfied with the results. Without stress during construction and above all with quality and economy”