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Διαμορφώσεις εξωτερικών χώρων

Upgrade your home or commercial landscaping and add value to your property. Make a great first impression to your visitors or clients and enjoy nature in a beautiful and intimate setting. Furthermore, if you don’t have a front or backyard, you can take advantage of the aesthetic and energy benefits of a green roof or balcony, especially in an urban environment.

By sending us a photo of your settings, we provide you with shaping, planting, decorating and watering system designs and present them in a 3D layout. Thus, you are able to know in advance the outcome and suggest your personal interventions or changes.

We offer:

  • Landscape design.
  • Planting design.
  • Watering system design.
  • Landscape construction.
  • Maintenance services.


“Come closer to nature and get your heaven on earth, just outside your window”