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Our compay owns latest technology equipment, achiening high quality in our services.

Concrete Structure Quality test equipment

  • Rebar Detection & Cocermeter PROCEQ Profometer PM-650
  • Schmidthammer PROCEQ Silverschmidt
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) PROCEQ Pundit PL-200
  • Carbonation measurement set
  • Concrete PH meter Extech PH150-C
  • Corrosion analysis with half-cell potential
  • Diamond drill Husqvarna DM340
  • Humidity meter
  • Crack meter
  • Infrared camera Flir E50

 Profometer PM-650  SilverSchmidt  Pundit PL-200  Extech PH meter  Diamond drill Husqvarna DM340  Humidity meter CMEX2  Infrared camera Flir E50

Energy Efficiency test equipment

  • Airtight measurement system Mineapollis BlowerDoor
  • Infrared Camera Flir E50
  • Online temperature, humidity, CO2 measuremet system. Netatmo weather station

 Blower Door  Θερμοκάμερα Flir E50Netatmo Weather station         

Surveying equipment

  • GPS Leica Viva GS14 GNSS (GPS/Glonass/Galilleo)
  • Total station Leica TS06 plus 5"
  • Precision Level Leica NAK1

GPS Leica GS14  Leica TS06plus  Precision level ΝΑΚ

Office equipment

  • Η/Υ i7, 27" Samsung monitor
  • Laptop Toshiba Satelite C855-2CK
  • Plotter Canon iPF750 A0
  • AiO HP Officejet Pro 8600Plus
  • AiO A3 HP Officejet 7612
  • Distancemeter Leica Disto D5
  • Distancemeter Leica Disto X310

Distancemeter Leica D5   Distancemeter Leica X310  Plotter A0 Cannon IPF750


Structural analysis and design:

  • SCIA Engineer 2013.1 (EC2, EC3, EC4, EC8)
  • TOL RAF (EC2, Push-over, EC8-3)
  • Hilti Profis Anchor
  • Hilti Profis Rebar
  • TOL DIASK (Section analysis)
  • FRP Analysis

Energy building analysis:

  • Civiltech Energy Building 2015
  • PHPP v8.5
  • Dialux evo4
  • FLIR Tools

Surveying software:

  • Leica Geo Office
  • Coords GR
  • Hepos TT

General software:

  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • ΤΟΛ Αμοιβές

Scia Engineer   TOL RAF   Runet Fedra   Civiltech EnergyBuilding DIALux evo4   FLIR Tools  Leica Geo Office  ΤΟΛ Αμοιβές