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Photovoltaic in roof

Photovoltaic Systems are the most widespread renewable energy systems. They can be installed either on the roof / terrace of a building or on the ground.
According to recent regulations of the Greek government, licensing new Photovoltaic installations on the ground is currently suspended.
At the present time, PV installations are allowed on building roofs and they are separated in installations of up to 10kW on household roofs or roofs of small businesses and in PV plants of over 10kW on industrial or commercial roofs.

Why should I invest on PV?

Even though the feed-in tarrifs of the energy produced are reduced, PV installation is still a very profitable and stable investment. The cost of installation is reduced day by day and also, even more efficient PV technologies are launched in the market.
Some of the most important benefits of PV are mentioned below:

  • Constant revenue from the sale of electricity.
  • Energy self-sufficient buildings.
  • Zero maintenance cost.
  • Reduced consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Environmental benefits.

Taking also into account the European Regulations about energy consumption, from 2020 every new building has to be energy self-sufficient. This means that the installation of photovoltaic systems will become mandatory for new buildings in the upcoming years.

What we offer

Our Company offers turnkey services, from the designing and licensing process to procurement and installation of the PV System. We aim to the maximum energy production and therefore we train our people on new materials and design techniques such as sun route simulation.
Moreover, we particularly focus on the safety of the whole installation especially from lightning surges and so we use materials of the leading companies in the field of lightning protection.
Our installations, according to testimonials of satisfied customers, have up to 25% better performance comparing to neighboring facilities improving the importance of the proper design and material selection.

We always suggest to our customers materials from the largest companies in the PV industry with all the necessary certificates and the best warranties in the market:

PV Panels

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PV Base

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Electrical equipment

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