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Structural Design

In earthquake-prone areas like Greece, a structure is worth nothing, if it is unable to provide seismic safety to its occupants. Therefore, it is a crucial issue to create earthquake-proof structures and consequently a proper structural design. A properly engineered structure does not necessarily have to be extremely strong or expensive. It has to be properly designed according to the regulatory requirements, in order to withstand the seismic effects and provide safety to the building occupants.

Our specialized and experienced civil engineers, by using the most robust structural analysis software and following strictly the Greek and European Codes (EC), undertake the structural design of every kind of a building, from the simplest residential building to the most complex project with:

  • Reinforced Concrete Structure  (EN1992 & EN1998).
  • Steel Structure  (EN1993 & EN1998).
  • Composite Structure  (EN1994 & EN1998).
  • Timber Structure  (EN1995 & EN1998).
  • Masonry Structure  (EN1996 & EN1998).

Our company delivers the complete structural design, including cutting and detailing plans, thus minimizing potential errors and material waste during construction. We also offer ongoing support and supervision during construction to ensure the proper implementation of the design.


“The safety of the building is of primary importance to us and this is why we pay great attention to proper structural design”